I want to share a lot of my systems, with all you passionate game developers in need. When it's time to kickstart new idea, new project, these systems are, in my case, need to have from the beggining. I will try to keep them updated and also add docs.

  • Serialization

  • Terrain Pro :
    1. Details Renderer (Plan to rework data to scritpable objects to prevent errors and easier workflow with more opportunities)
    2. Details Bender
    2. Mesh Sculpt (dependency: ProBuilder package)

  • Decals URP (Occlusion computation done per decals renderer instance, One per world etc.)

  • Occlusion (Including Terrain Pro)

  • Shaders (SSR, SOB Volumetric Lighting, C# + Shaders = <3)

  • Shader Graphs

  • Fx

  • Lean Pool

  • GUI Audio

  • GUI Fader

  • Music Player

  • Tween

  • Various editor tools

  • RPG Base

  • World Generator (Using all systems mentioned above)

  • Utils (vector, math, draw, string operations, extensions)

  • Editor Tools

Download Unity

Systems in action in my personal projects

And much, much, more...